Iran Talks, Iran Walks

It's reported today that Iran has entered into negotiations with the European quartet seeking a resolution to their acquisition of nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, Iran's navy is attacking and boarding a Romanian owned oil rig.

41% more Conservative babies than Liberal ones

Professor Arthur Brooks has an opinion editorial at opinionjournal.com analysing data from a recent survey of families.

Democrats can "get out the vote" to motivate young people to go to the polls, but Conservatives are getting out 41% more babies than Liberals. It's an interesting analysis as the 2 child home has taken shape and what that means for campaigns.

USA defeats Slovenia 114-95

USA Basketball defeated Slovenia early morning CST time. Slovenia came out tough with dribble penetration that caught the US squad by surprise. In the 2nd quarter the US turned it into high gear. The US led by 29 at one point, but Slovenia closed it to 13 in the final minutes.

Full story at USA Today.