Second Issue of COD's "Courier" Features Workers Party Chat

I grabbed a copy of the September 23rd edition of the COD student newspaper "The Courier". On the cover is a report from the first meeting of the year held by the "Students for a Democratic Foreign Policy" club. The featured guest was a member of the Workers Party. Well, at least that is what the Courier reports. However, if you go to the Workers Party website you can clearly see that the guest, Michael Thorburn, is one of the Workers Party leadership.

You can read the Courier article here[PDF].

What is interesting about the SDFP club at COD is that I saw their booth at COD on the first day of school. It was being manned by two members of the faculty. It apparently had no student volunteers. I figured they would at least have some members from last year, assuming the club is entering its second year. However, if you browse around the Workers Party website you'll find updates in their newsletter from a group called the "Youth & Students for a Democratic Foreign Policy".

Is the SFDP club at COD a creation of the Workers Party in Chicago?

The Courier reports that a lot of the students that attended the first SFDP meeting departed early. They were upset that the guest speaker was not answering their questions. There's a reason Michael Thorburn wouldn't answer questions. His political party has an expressed belief that "The speaking tour is an important part of the YSDFP program of bringing anti-imperialist politics to the center of student life."


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