Did Condeleeza Rice Say "It cannot be Gaza only."

Charles Johnson highlights a review of the transcript of an interview by the New York Times with Condeleeza Rice from last week. The quote in question appeared in the NY Times when asked about the Israeli withdrawl from the Gaza Strip as "It cannot be Gaza only."

"Jewish Current Issues" blog takes a look at the transcript posted by the State Department of the interview and finds the quote was engineered by the NY Times by combining two unrelated statements. Rich Richman writes...
Indeed, it didn’t . . . she doesn’t . . .and in fact the Times made the quote up.

Oh how special it would be to have the privelage to examine the raw data collected by the NY Times for their stories. I'd love to see their notes, their unedited questions and their recordings of interviews. We learn again today that the NY Times has a way of turning good news into bad news.


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