Netflix Takes Over Wal-Mart DVD Rentals

Hooray Capitalism!

I use the Wal-Mart DVD rental service. I used to use Netflix. I switched to Wal-Mart for the lower price. Netflix had recently raised my rate so I scanned the market and learned of Wal-Marts entry. Once the DVD's started arriving it became clear that this market was almost indentical in terms of browse and delivery. Wal-Mart lowered my membership rate(2 DVDs out at the same time) over the next 2 years.

Today I learn that Netflix has agreed to take over Wal-Mart's DVD rental service. I guess that is ok, but I know my membership rate will increase. But even if it does rise I received a reminder from Blockbuster for some overdue fees I have not yet paid from November 2004. I still had my card and used it to rent Spartan to watch with some friends. Apparently we were a little late in returning the DVD. I paid $21 in late fees. Netflix will likely charge me $20 a month for the 2 DVD rental service.

Netflix is nice, but you really do pay an arm and leg for on demand rentals from Blockbuster.


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