Market +1, Waste -1

Good news from the land of inefficiencies. Two Chicago hot dog bun makers are uniting together in a pledge to solve one of America's long traditions in waste of resources. S. Rosen and Vienna Beef are convening today in Chicago's Loop for the celebration. This press release announces that "Justice Will be Served".

What in the hell am I talking about? The days of 6 hot dog bun packaging are over. S. Rosen will now produce the 8 bun package to complement the 8 hot dog package from Vienna Beef. Rejoice!

Celebrate by consuming a Chicago Style Hot Dog to honor this occasion. In fact, tell me how you like your dogs. I prefer tomatoes, onions, lots of peppers, ketchup and mustard. Sometimes I drown them in cheese or chili. The Hot Dog is just one more in a long line in the Americanization of European delicacies. Utensils, who needs em?


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