CAIR's Hate Crimes Nonsense - article by Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes writes about the 2005 CAIR report regarding hate crimes against American Muslims. What he finds is that the incidents reported by CAIR as hate crimes do not fit the criteria predominantly designated for an act to qualify as a hate crime. Pipes' research shows the sloppiness in CAIR's reporting and inattention to follow-up on the details of each report.

On May 12, 2005, Andrea Elliot filed a report for the NY Times, the day after CAIR released their study, that includes this fallacy.
The organization said it verified the legitimacy of a reported crime before including it in its annual study

The Associated Press was able to obtain an advanced copy of the CAIR report and produced this report. Again we see the willingness of the media to present CAIR's study with little or no challenge to the individual incidents contained within the report. The AP story nearly resembles the CAIR press release.

One might be inclined to expect more from the media considering the well documented evidence of connections between terrorism apologetics and the leadership and organizational membership of CAIR. Trust, but verify.


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