Who the Hell is Ward Harkavy?

I'm listening to the Michael Medved show on WIND 560AM through their netstream and a caller pops in the conversation about John Bolton. He says he read something about Bolton's actions in obstructing the Iran-Contra affair at the Village Voice Blog.

So I drop in at the Village Voice, something I usually avoid because of the Voice's arch leftist bent and New York proximity, but I want to understand where the caller is coming from. It turns out the information the caller cites comes from one of the few blogs hosted by the Village Voice. It is called "The Bush Beat" and its editor is Ward Harkavy. Ward's an old sports editor for the Voice until they scalped the sports section of the Village Voice.

Each day Ward overloads the reader with corners, curves and fastballs relative to President Bush. Today's post is about, what else, power, money, politics, religion, philosophy and pizza. I'm hungry.

I don't think Ward Harkavy would like me very much. I'm Roman Catholic. I attend a church attended to my the Order of Opus Dei. I've expressed interest in studying religion and philosophy at Ave Maria University. I come from a Domioes Pizza fed family. I subscribe to Father Richard John Neihaus' "First Things" journal. I like the selection of Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope and the choice of Benedict for a title. I don't think much of Gary Wills. I read the Wall Street Journal when I can afford it.

Ultimately, I'm the guy that Ward prays for my sins. But this is the Village Voice. The only prayers they offer are to stay affloat. Nonetheless, they still have some ad subscribers, but their sidebar directs you to Indymedia, FAIR, the ACLU's "torture" site, Halliburton Watch, Human Rights Watch, the Center for Constitutional Rights and Henry Waxman's minority office on the House Reform Committee. Do I to try to understand Ward's politics?

There's way too many writers to chronicle, but I actually am interested in understanding some of Ward Harkavy's bio. Where's he from? Where has he written? What schools did he attend? Alternatively, it is easier to settle with the conclusion that he edits for the Village Voice so he's likely a tool of some other pizza chain dominatrix with monetary connections manipulating the Gay Arena.

Er, maybe not pizza, but rather mystery meat.


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