Washington Post Sells Short

Mike Allen, original reporter for the Washington Post on the "GOP Talking Points Memo", has filed a new report about the admission from Senator Mel Martinez that the author of the memo works in his office. Brian Darling, Martinez's General Counsel, admitted to authoring the memo and then provided his resignation.

Allen fumbles the story in only the second paragraph though. He describes Darling as a former lobbyist "on gun rights and other issues". Allen is right about the "other issues". However, he is depiction of Darling's lobbying efforts as "gun rights" is really inaccurate. Darling worked with the Airline Pilots Security Alliance as a spokesman and legislative consultant. The aim of the group was to support legislation for pilots to carry arms in the cockpit.

A more accurate representation would have reflected the aims and accomplishments of APSA. Simply toting it as lobbying for "gun rights" is not enough. The Post readers deserve more.


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