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There are two things I want to do right now. First, I want to improve through practice my Spanish skills. It's been a while since I was regularly learning new Spanish lessons at the same time the lessons were entirely in Spanish. I liked the classes. I scored well.

Second, I want to learn Arabic. Reading "The Arabists" and all the other texts I've consumed after 9/11 lead me to want to travel into the Arab world. Again, because I want to understand. But there I'm caught in a tug of war between international understanding and domestic entrepreneurship.

I've reserved John Sperling's auto-biography "Rebel With a Cause". His story appeals to me as his life began a very poor boy and lives in his 9th decade as a very wealthy man. But it is not his wealth that attracts my attention. It is his mid life crisis. He split from his leftist activism, university teaching and California dreaming to eventually launch the University of Phoenix -- a for profit educational institute.


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