Egyptian Foreign Minister Comments on Meeting with Abbas

Ahmed Abul Gheit, Egyptian Foreign Minister, appeared on "News From CNN" with Wolf Blitzer on Monday. In the transcripts Gheit recounts his conversation with Prime Minister Abbas that very same day.
I met him only half an hour ago, the Palestinian president. He says, "I have to carry out an investigation."

I'm not allowed to carry out the investigation because the Palestinian investigators are not allowed to enter into the situation where the events was initiated from. Then we have to keep working, all of us together.

We have to restrain our activities, Palestinians and Israelis, our actions. And at the same time, to work together to collaborate in order to identify who is responsible and who is doing this for that process.

The very same day, Islamic Jihad proclaimed responsibility for the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. A day later, IJ held their usual celebration of the bomber in Ramallah.


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