Ward Churchill: Weather Underground Explosives Instructor?

Over at LGF there is yet another discussion about Ward Churchill. Among the comments is a link to 1987 Denver Post article that says Ward Churchill came back from Vietnam and traveled to Chicago to instruct the Weather Underground on explosives.
But the Weather Underground knew more about Marxism than about bombs. Churchill briefly taught the Weathermen and Weatherwomen how to make bombs and how to fire weapons - "which end does the bullet go, what are the ingredients, how do you time the damned thing."

Apparently, Ward Churchill's name comes up in COINTELPRO documents obtained by defense counselors for criminal targets of the domestic intelligence operation. He wrote an acclaimed book about the subject after deep discussions with the attorneys that defended the COINTELPRO targets.

I have not ventured deep into this information, though, it does seem odd that the author of an informative book happens to be one of the people investigated by the FBI.


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