Jeff Gannon and the South Dakota Senate Race

It seems that there are many people that are not up to par on the facts ot the South Dakota Senate Race. Jeff Gannon did file stories on this race that included some charges about the independence of Daily Argus Leader political reporter David Kranz. Gannon's reporting, as is everything Jeff Gannon, is now being questioned by bloggers and their readers.

It is important to gain an understanding of the events in the SD Senate Race because Jeff Gannon is merely a reporter of the David Kranz story. Jon Lauck, editor of the Daschle v Thune weblog, did the initial research on the memos from the archives of former South Dakota pols. The memos revealed that the SD Democrat campaigns relied on David Kranz to print their oppo research.

The entire story is interesting. It is best told by Jon Lauck himself.

Daschle v. Thune: The Argus Leader and the Degradation of American Democracy


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