The Debate About Patrick Fitzgerald

The Chicago Tribune Magazine features a cover story about Patrick Fitzgerald. Kirsten Scharnberg writes about his career as a prosecutor working for the Department of Justice.

She depicts Fitzgerald as a workaholic describing the story of his New York City apartment lacking natural gas for the entire length of his lease - several years. His work schedule is hectic. It's difficult to explain why it is not hectic.

Fitzgerald has been the go to guy for the government in prosecuting terrorism cases. He prosecuted the landmark sedition case against the "Blind Sheikh", Omar Abdel Rahman, based on a 200 year old statute. He prosecuted the landmark RICO case applied to terrorism financial networks in Chicago.

He's not batting a thousand, but he's pretty dang close. Right now he is the appointed special prosecutor investigating the alleged crime of blowing the cover of a Valerie Plame, an alleged covert agent working for the CIA. Of all his cases, this one is the most explosive one national political grounds.


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